Monday, September 15, 2008


We all are aware that I dropped out of RCC and then failed out of RCC in second semester. My point is that I loved my sociology. I didnt do the work but the class was amazing, and I learned so much. Watch this video. It will make you feel happy and optimistic. In, fact I am thinking out sending a thank you email to my old teacher. I would probably apologize for maybe insulting him by not doing the work which would have allowed me to take full advantage of his amazing teaching methods, then I would thank him for a making a big impact on my life. There are a very select few teachers that have inspired me, and Mr. Alvarez is one of them.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gourmet Girl

Before I left for Utah, Suzy Fackrell took me on a shopping spree at Target! She bought me everyyyything I needed and might possibly need. I told her after later that night that I knew my mom works through her. Because if you know my mom, you know that she always makes sure that you are completely confident when you go somewhere or do something new. I know that it is always so important so her that you have everything you need and more. Not only that but she always wants the best of whatever it is. Needless to say, Suzy totally broke the budget. But apparently Jake said that the amount of money she spent was fine, and that he was happy to do it! (I think Suzy may have just said that so that I didnt feel bad) Whether or not he did, Thanks Jake! The picture above shows one of the 5 bowls that Suzy sent me along with gummy bears and gum. It was very exciting to get that package! And so right away I made one of my many gourmet meals CHEF BOYARDEE! Also, i had an epiphany the other day. Every different chef boyardee is the exact same ingredients, just in different shape. You learn something new everyday. Well thats all for now! Shout outs go to Jake and Suzy Fackrell!! Thank you so much for everything!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Well Sloane's parents got up here last night to visit her and help her with movin in and whatnot. Her mom was cookin eggs this morning and the stove caught on fire, which was pretty funny actually. It was a crack up to see the three of us running around the kitchen, not really knowing what to do. I covered it with a blanket (because I saw mom do it once when our blow dryer caught on fire) and it put it out for a bit, until the towel caught on fire too. Then we just had to douse it with water. The fire alarm when off and it was like 8 in the morning. Anyways, when I got home from work, her parents wanted to take us out to dinner, and I finally got to cross something of my "bucket list." EAT AT CHUCK-A-RAMA! It was bombdotcom. Everything I ever imagined it to be. Haha I just always remember wanting to get it when we were in Saint George but nooo we always had to eat at nasty Cafe Rio. Yuck. And I dont wanna hear anything about that comment either. I dont like the beans or the rice, and everyone knows that I dont eat vegetables, so a salad is of course out of the question. haha
PS- The reason we never ate there was cuz of mom. She was too high quality of a person to eat at a place like that. I, however, live for that kind of stuff. What does that mean? I have no idea.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Are You In Good Hands? Thats Allstate's stand.

Alright, so I worked my first 9 hour shift today! My boss took me and Mary out to lunch to celebrate my first full day and Mary's 3 year anniversary of working at the office. We went to this cute little Italian restaurant and the food was bomb. It was a very good day, all in all. So everything is workin out real good. Thats pretty much my new life. Work work work 9-6 Mon-Fri. At least I have Saturday's off now :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gossip Girlsss

Last Night was so much fun! All of my best girlfriends from Corona came over to our apartment and we watched the season premiere of Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill. Now, mind you, we have watched Gossip Girl from day one. It is a scandalous show, but it is really great. It just a fun think to have every Monday night. Now I know what you're thinking, what about FHE? Well funny story we don't have a TIVO, so we have to watch it at 7/6 central. But If someone wants to buy us some sort of DVR to record our shows, then we will happily go to Family Home Evening. Until then.. nothing is changing :)

New days..

Well, this is my first blog, and I'm pretty excited to start it. I guess I just figure you can all feel like you came away to college with me. Anyways I started my new job today. I am working at Allstate Insurance company. I worked there in California and I was very lucky to be able to get this job before I got up here. It was very hard for me to leave California because I loved my job so much. So I made up a cover letter explaining my situation and I was lucky to get a response from and agent who had an open position in his office! So that is very exciting. I started today and only went in for about an hour to get some stuff set up, but I start tomorrow full time! And I should be getting my license, so it will be legit. I should have had my license by now, but due to my recent decision to pack up and move to another state, I didn't end up getting it. But I am thrilled to know that I will be able to just continue on up here. I really do love my job though. Everyone up here seems surprised when I tell them where I'm working, as if I should be scooping ice cream at 31 flavors (no offense Julia) But for real, I think no one really knows better. The just expect that part of college is having a crappy job. However that is not the case. I know it was a crazy blessing that I had the opportunity to live in California and work at my previous job, so that I could be set up here. Everything is coming together beautifully, and I guarantee that is is all thanks to my mom. I'm a lucky girl. Not to mention my dad for helping me and making all of this possible. Because I may have said "I could move up there tomorrow if I wanted to, I can do it without your help" but that is not true at all. He was the one who really made it possible. And he is amazing and the best dad anyone could ask for, and I mean that. He is so unselfish and he just goes above and beyond. This was a hard thing to do without my mom here. But Between my dad (making all my appointments, making the down payment on my car, buying my crap, ect) Julia (taking me to buy my new comforter, my sheets and my pillow sham, and most important my BRITTA WATER FILTER, and then stealing back HER ipod and then giving it back to me to use :) Katherine (doing exactly what she needed to do, and being exactly what I needed her to be. giving me her expertise on Utah, and the walmart shortcut :) and everyone else in my life. Because everyone helped me out, by just being there. It was so great to see Richard and Kristy before I left. And of course Annie, she was so strong through the whole thing. And I know it was hard for her to do. She is so brave, and I would not have left if I wasn't completely sure that she would be alright. She is brilliant and if she thinks that just cuz I'm out of the state I'm not going to know what shes up to, but think again. I got eyes and ears all over corona, and i will get in my car and drive right back if need be and I will regulate. But I know I won't have to. Shes a great girl, and she'll behave herself. She's never been the rebellious type anyways :)